The Levelreader Library
You have reached the site of the levelreader-library, if you're not a programmer you probably came here to download and install the library because some game requires it. In that case, just go here, download the newest version and install it in a normal unix manner (untar it, with "tar xvzf levereader-0.x.x.tar.gz" and read the INSTALL file). You need to have libxml2 and libxml2-dev packages installed. As far as I know nenem is the only game which uses this library.

On the other hand, if you are a programmer, you might have come here for other reasons. It is actually not possible to predict the reason a programmer does anything. They are a little bit like a non-deterministic-turing-machine, you can't know what he's going to do before he actually does it. If that joke went over your head, you're probably not a programmer.

The levelreader is a library to provide a programming interface for game programmers. It is not a general programming interface, but just helps the game-programmer to organize and read the data a computer-game has to store on disk. It is very well suited for so called, tile-based games (most non-3d-games). Please look at the sourcecode in the examples/ directory to understand more.

Elias Jarlebring (jarl[remove-this-bracket]